We Make Games Our Business

GameDaily.biz, a trade publication relaunched by Greenlit Content in 2018 after the closure of the original GameDaily in 2009,  looks at the games business through the lens of culture. Our mission is to keep industry professionals informed with key insights and analysis of the most important trends in the space but also to educate the passionate industry enthusiast — the kind of individual who wants to know every detail about “how the sausage is made.” 

You won’t find news and press releases regurgitated here — although we’ll be reporting on key news in roundups —  nor will you find traditional consumer previews and reviews. We’ll certainly be paying attention to and talking with the biggest developers in the market as well as the one-person shops who have poured their heart and soul into their newest creative vision. 

And most importantly, we’ll be putting a spotlight on the importance of diversity and representation in gaming. Diversity isn’t an initiative to set and forget, after all. We need to be constantly putting in the work to notice our blind spots as an industry and do our best to ensure that all gamers — regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, ability, or religion — can feel at home while gaming. No one game will be for everyone, but the game industry has a responsibility to fold in the rich tapestry of people that love to game.

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If you work in the games business and have a hot tip for us, we highly encourage you to send it in to our editorial team. If you wish to remain anonymous, we promise to protect your anonymity in any story that’s ultimately published. Rest assured, we take our roles as journalists seriously. Any anonymous tipster’s information will have to be double-sourced, and we will verify our source’s identity to ensure the veracity of their claims. 

Please send any tips to: tips@gamedaily.biz 


Parent company Greenlit Content works with several companies both inside and outside of the gaming space. This has absolutely no impact on the editorial content found on GameDaily.biz. When we do cover companies that Greenlit Content works with, we will provide stories with appropriate disclosures at the time of publishing. GameDaily’s coverage remains objective.

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