Capcom reports record profits five years running

David Carcasole, Wednesday, May 11th, 2022 5:59 pm

Capcom is currently firing on all cylinders, and have been for the last five years. In its latest financial report, Capcom announced record profits, up 15.5% from its previous fiscal year. 

Its record-setting net sales topped out at ¥110.1 billion ($846.3 million), operating income rose 24% to ¥42.9 billion ($329.5 million), and ordinary income went up 27.2% to ¥44.3 billion ($340.3 million).

Its success continues to come from the Resident Evil and Monster Hunter franchises primarily, with Resident Evil Village selling 6.1 million units last year, and Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings Of Ruin topping 1.5 million units. 

Altogether, Capcom sold 32.6 million units in its previous fiscal year, as games like Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and Monster Hunter World continue to be popular.

Capcom has built up strong momentum ever since Resident Evil 7 revived the horror franchise in 2017. This was followed up by 2018’s release of Monster Hunter World, and both titles have proven to be evergreen in their success.

Beyond gaming, Capcom saw an increase in profits from almost every other business venture under its belt, but what is perhaps more interesting is what Capcom intends to do with its earnings. 

In order to stay ahead of the curb, or as Capcom puts it “to respond to a market where the business environment is continually changing,” it has made investment into its human resources department top priority. 

To that end, Capcom has announced the creation of a new position, chief of human resources officer (CHO). Further, the company has conducted a review of its compensation system, increased the base salary for employees, and enhanced its benefits offerings. All of these efforts are intended to “improve its development workplace environment.”

This also means an investment in a more diverse staff, particularly among management, as only 35 managers (12.5% of all managers) are women, Capcom reports. 

A bigger investment in the quality of its workplace environment is no doubt a proactive move, especially when stories of toxic environments among game studios are commonplace. 

It’s clear that Capcom recognizes the connection between higher profits and a sustainable, healthy workplace environment, as it continues to thrive, investing in itself and its major IPs.

The company doesn’t appear to be slowing down, either. A number of high-profile releases are in the works, including Monster Hunter Rise expansion Sunbreak, the newly-announced Exoprimal, and the next major release in the Street Fighterfranchise. © 2024 | All Rights Reserved.