Disruptor Beam announces commercialization of ‘Disruptor Engine’ and two executive hires

Amanda Farough, Wednesday, April 10th, 2019 7:06 pm

Disruptor Beam is looking to commercialize their game dev and liveops platform, Disruptor Engine, and have hired a couple of new executives to help them on their journey. Joining the company are Claire Wadlington as Chief Financial Officer and Trapper Markelz as Chief Product Officer. Both positions are brand new to Disruptor Beam and are likely designed to help bring Disruptor Engine to market in a meaningful and sustainable capacity.

Disruptor Engine will be a platform to help developers bring additional features to mobile games (with live service/GaaS games as the most effective titles), including identity, social, analytics, commerce, and live operations “that enable efficient development and monetization for any mobile game developer.”

“Over the past several years Disruptor Beam has made substantial investments in our game platform, which has led to dramatic improvements in our time-to-market and ability to operate games profitably,” said Jon Radoff, Disruptor Beam Founder and CEO in a statement. “We are now ready to start turning those investments into solutions for others looking for an advantage in launching and operating mobile games. Claire and Trapper are extraordinarily qualified executives who can spur even more growth at Disruptor Beam by helping us act upon this opportunity, enabling us to create more games than ever before — both our own titles and those we’ll be creating with our partners.”

After mobile publisher Tilting Point invested $29 million in Star Trek Timelines for user acquisition, marketing, sales, and distribution in September 2018, Disruptor Beam has had the financial wiggle room to diversify its portfolio beyond making games. Instating a CFO and CPO to help manage the product pipeline in order to bring Disruptor Engine to the commercial market (in addition to the new mobile titles that Disruptor Beam is in the midst of developing) has the potential to make a significant difference in both timeline and overall product management.

Wadlington’s financial pedigree in venture capital and a startup CFO for a “broad cross-section of technology sectors including software, internet, digital health, edtech and robotics,” in addition to her education at Stanford Business School and Yale, means that she will be able to continue Disruptor Beam’s nimbleness in the marketplace. Markelz comes to Disruptor Beam by way of Harvard Business School and a number of years working with the gaming community on GamerDNA and 360voice.

Disruptor Beam makes a tidy profit off Star Trek Timelines, Game of Thrones Ascent, and The Walking Dead: March To War, to the tune of $100 million dollars since launch (which Disruptor Beam says it’s set to surpass this year). With Disruptor Engine on the way to market, the Boston-based mobile developer is set to, well, meaningfully disrupt the mobile game industry with their platform.

Updated 4/10/2019

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