Full Disclosure: Hi-Rez employee arrested, Twitch’s ad change, and this week’s top streamers

Amanda Farough, Friday, February 8th, 2019 8:52 pm

Influencer marketing has fast become a mainstay of marketing strategy at large publishers and developers around the industry. You know their names — Ninja, Dr. Disrespect, Shroud — and you know their gimmicks, even if you’ve never watched their streams. Influencer marketing in games is an often misunderstood prospect to industry enthusiasts and to those unfamiliar with how influencers, pundits, experts, and even journalists are different.

We’re aiming to pull back the curtain with our new column, Full Disclosure, which is presented by our friends at InfluencerUpdate.biz. We’ll be curating a selection of articles from InfluencerUpdate.biz each Friday to highlight what’s happening with gaming influencers, trends, and which games they’re paying the most attention to.

Influencer Marketing News for February 8, 2019

Note: Excerpts are directly from InfluencerUpdate.biz with permission.

Twitch streamer and Hi-Rez studio employee arrested in child sex sting. An employee from game studio Hi-Rez has been arrested following connections to a child sex ring over the Super Bowl weekend. Thomas Cheung was charged with a felony using a computer device to seduce, lure, entice, and solicit a child. Cheung was arrested by the Georgia police and the FBI. Read the full story.

Twitch will no longer advertise big streamers on smaller broadcasts. Twitch has made an official statement and apology to streamers on the platform, promising to never advertise larger streamers on small streams again. This comes after a massive backlash from users after Twitch promoted a New Year’s Eve stream hosted by Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins. His event was advertised in pre-roll ads on other people’s broadcasts. Read the full story.

Viewers watched over 9.36 billion hours of Twitch in 2018. According to the report [from StreamLabs], content on the platform overall experienced a 25 per cent growth from 2017. The report also included the 10 most streamed games on the platform. Naturally, Fortnite was the number one game streamed and viewed in 2018. Read the full story.

Top 10 most watched and trending channels of the week. There’s a new entry at number one this week – which is a first for this chart! Twitch channel Method takes first place after racking up over 3.6 million hours watched this week. Method is a World of Warcraft raid guild set up by Scott “Sco” McMillan, and the channel seems to be hosting footage from them. It also explains why WoW has broken into the top 10 games of the week. Read the full story.

Battlestate Games under fire for a second time after claims of YouTube DMCA abuse. Russian game development studio Battlestate Games has been accused of misusing copyright takedown notices against YouTubers covering their game, Escape From Tarkov. The complaint comes from a YouTuber named El_Dee, who claims that the developer issues 47 copyright strike notices on his videos. However, Battlestate Games says that its because the videos used their company watermark and logo. Read the full story.

Viral Visionaries: influencer marketing trends to watch in 2019. Influencer marketing is leaving its awkward teen-years and moving into maturity. In 2019, there will be a greater emphasis on measuring impact rather than impressions. Read the full story.

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