Full Disclosure: Top games and streamers for the week, TwitchCon 2019, Tencent streaming rules

Amanda Farough, Friday, February 22nd, 2019 5:38 pm

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Influencer Marketing News for February 22, 2019

Note: Excerpts are directly from InfluencerUpdate.biz with permission.

Top 10 streamed games of the week: Rainbow Six: Siege stacks up 9.3 million hours as it rolls into year four. To the surprise of no one, Apex Legends enjoys another week at the top of the chart. Respawn’s fresh battle royale offering has captured the hearts and hands of gamers across the land, and it’s 45.1 million hours across streaming platforms can attest to that. League of Legends takes its usual place at number two, racking up 28.8 million hours watched in the last week. While the battle royale chaos ensues around it, it’s fair to say that Riot Games long-running MOBA is safe in silver for the time being. Remember Fortnite? It’s still down in third place, after another 1.3 per cent decrease in hours watched. Read the full story.

Top 10 most watched and trending channels of the week. Twitch channel ESL_CSGO is leading the charge this week. It’s a new entry, but it racked up over 5.8 million hours watched last week covering games and news from the Counter-Strike esports circuit. The official Overwatch League Twitch is in second; the start of season two saw the channel amass over 5.2 million hours watched last week. Battle royale star Shroud is in third place, keeping numbers high after flipping over to Apex Legends. Read the full story.

Twitch announces dates for flagship US TwitchCon event. Twitch will return to San Diego later this year for TwitchCon North America 2019. The event will take place on September 27 – 29 at the San Diego convention centre. Tickets are not yet available but are expected to go on sale before summer. 2018 saw Twitch’s main US event move from its former home at the San Jose convention centre in California over to San Diego. This will be the second TwitchCon to be held in San Diego, with the first taking place in 2016. Read the full story.

Kid from the Xbox Super Bowl commercial is now living out his YouTube dreams. The Xbox advert that aired during the Super Bowl LIII resonated with audiences for its heartwarming charm. The ad was used to showcase the Xbox One adaptive controller, a customised gamepad that allows people with physical limitations to enjoy gaming. Since the commercial’s airing, his channel has grown past 5,000 subscribers and is now over 18,000 at the time of writing. Read the full story.

YouTube revokes bans on Pokémon Go channels that had accidentally been flagged for child porn. YouTube recently reinstated a number of Pokémon GO channels that had been flagged or deleted when video content for Pokemon Go content that was flagged for inappropriate sexual content. A report from the BBC stated that some creators had also had their Google accounts deleted, losing access to emails and other features. Read the full story.

Tencent brings in new broadcasting rules to police hurtful content across its products. Tencent Games is now starting to implement stricter rules for online content that involves any of its products. According to a report from Esports Observer, the new regulations it has created will be applied across all streaming platforms, not just with the platforms Tencent Games is directly involved with. Read the full story.

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