GameDaily BizCast (Ep. 4): The legality of Fortnite’s dances

Amanda Farough, Wednesday, December 19th, 2018 9:23 pm

For this very special episode of the GameDaily BizCast, Amanda and Mike explore a number of topics, but spend the vast majority of the BizCast talking about both the legality (and the ethics) of Fortnite’s monetization of dances coined by other artists. They also talk about the challenges and opportunities with the influx of digital marketplaces and storefronts for games.

Mike breaks down what happened in November’s NPD report, in addition to looking at the incredible sales figures for the Nintendo Switch and Smash Bros Ultimate. Amanda lays out why Niantic’s $3.9b valuation is important for the future of AR. And finally, they both touch on the important (and ongoing) conversation about unionization in the game industry.

Stories referenced in the show:

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