GameDaily BizCast: Episode 1

Amanda Farough, Thursday, May 31st, 2018 9:26 pm

There are lot of gaming podcasts out there that talk about issues that are important to consumer-focused audiences. There are some incredible streaming talk shows that do an excellent job of merging the traditional talk show medium with gaming. But we’re different. We talk about the business of making games through the critical lens of culture. James and Amanda will be sitting down with industry legends, indie developers, important gaming personalities, and folks who are making a difference in gaming.

We’re focused on pulling back the curtain on what makes the game industry charge ever onward with people who love to talk about gaming and the industry as much as we do. We’ll talk trends. We’ll talk big business and venture capital and how indie companies continue to surprise us while making great commercial art. We’ll put the big gaming news beats in context and provide an extra layer of understanding on top of reporting what’s going on. We won’t be reviewing games. We won’t be doing previews in a traditional manner. And definitely won’t be weighing in whatever #Discourse is happening on other outlets.

James’ background in the game industry’s more corporate settings gives him a fantastic edge on talking about what’s REALLY going on at your favourite AAA studios. Amanda’s background is mostly with indie developers and III publishers — after all these years of the indie game renaissance, so to speak, and she still believes that indie games are producing some of the most interesting, innovative, and thoughtful experiences in the medium. And we’ll talk about some of them here.

For this episode of the GameDaily Bizcast, we’ve got a roundup of the most interesting industry news and what GameDaily thinks about it all. © 2024 | All Rights Reserved.