GameDaily Connect USA 2019: Facebook joins Ubisoft, WB Games, more for industry insights track

Ginny Woo, Tuesday, July 30th, 2019 9:42 pm

GameDaily Connect kicks off on August 27 and the event will play host to a number of industry veterans who will be sharing valuable knowledge around hot topics like the use of machine learning in user and customer acquisition, and how best to harness social advertising as a developer. This year’s panels will feature experts from Facebook, Ubisoft, Scopely, Jam City, and the likes of Consumer Acquisition. 

As a developer, you’ll know that the nuts and bolts of the technical process are only part of the formula for success. Setting your game apart from the rest of the competition is just as integral to ensuring longevity, and part of that is working successfully and seamlessly with external partners. Brian Bowman, the founder of Consumer Acquisition, will be appearing on a panel with Jam City and Facebook to discuss how to test creative concepts, and how to ensure that you’re up to date with the best practices in the field so you can set your product apart from the rest. The panel will also cover off the latest in Google App Campaign features for those who want to take their social advertising to the next level. 

If reach is what you’re interested in, then you definitely can’t go past the mobile games sector. 

According to Newzoo, mobile gaming makes up a whopping 50% of the booming global games market, which means that focusing your efforts on how to reach consumers who play that way can be rife with opportunity. That being said, Google Play and the App Store suffer from an overwhelming amount of releases; people are aware of the mobile games boom, and they’re wanting to profit from it too. 

If you want to make sure that your title stands out from the rest, then the experts from FTX Games and Scopely will be well-positioned to guide you: their forward-looking panel will offer valuable insight into user acquisition and retention in the mobile sphere. You won’t want to miss out on Facebook’s Audience Network panel either, where Nate Morgan, the lead of Publisher Sales (Games), will break down the advertising and monetization tools that you need in order to maximize a game’s revenue in this rapidly changing market. 

Want to know more about the other experts who will be speaking at GameDaily Connect? We have a list of speakers that we’ll be updating as the event draws closer. 

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