GameDaily Connect USA 2019: Twitch, Riot, MLG, and ESL among companies featured for esports track

Staff, Thursday, July 25th, 2019 11:16 pm

Esports is set to become a billion dollar worldwide industry by the end of 2019, according to Newzoo. Brands endemic to gaming have long since gotten on board with supporting and sponsoring teams and players; non-endemic brands have started to perk their ears up and take notice, too, much like they do with traditional esports. GameDaily Connect’s inaugural event at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, CA is set to bring together some of the brightest minds working in esports, including talent from League of Legends studio, Riot Games, MLG, as well as ESL and its teams, including Liquid, TSM, and Cloud9. 

Esports come from anywhere and everywhere

As a developer, the prospect of esports might not necessarily be something that you’ve considered as integral to your game’s long-term strategy, especially if it’s not inherently competitive. But even if you’re not interested in formulating an esports strategy for your business, understanding what goes into managing an esports team, the legal issues that esports teams (and marketing departments) run into, and how brands interact with esports teams (and more!) is invaluable knowledge for your future competitive blockbuster. Remember that competitive games come from everywhere (yes, even your genre), so understanding the underpinnings could help you make the best decisions for your game, and your brand, down the line. 

It’s important to understand where we’ve come from in order to figure out where we’re going

As a publisher, you’re always looking for ways to elevate the developers and studios that you work with. Your competitive portfolio may be new or growing, or it may be incredibly established. Chris “Chopper” Hopper, head of esports at Riot Games, will walk you through how much esports has changed over the years and where we’re going, so that you can better understand how your game(s) may fit into the overall ecosystem. A panel of experts, including folks from Amazon Game Studios and XLive, will demonstrate what the next emerging market in esports may be and even how to scout for your perfect venue for the game’s competitions. 

Esports is about more than the players, too

Some teams live and die by their communities. Without the support of a good community, a team may not be able to secure the sponsorships that it needs to continue to attend competitions, train, and ultimately succeed in whatever league they’re involved in. PUBG, ESL, and GenG will be offering their wisdom about communities in esports and what it takes to build a robust, diverse, and inclusive community. And, to top it off, Malik Forte, a fantastic Overwatch host, will lead a panel to discuss diversity and inclusion (one of GameDaily’s favorite topics) in esports. 

Curious about who else will be there? Check out our list of speakers, which we will be adding more to as we get closer to our event.

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