GameDaily Connect USA: Aaron Loeb to talk mobile games, best practices, and integrated media

Ginny Woo, Friday, August 16th, 2019 9:31 pm

Aaron Loeb is incredibly well-versed in mobile. He was previously the President of Studios for Kabam, who found acclaim with Marvel: Contest of Champions before the company’s acquisition. On top of that, Loeb can also attest to AAA experience from his time as the Vice President and General Manager of EA. While working with EA, Loeb took the lead on titles from long-standing franchises like The Simpsons, and this has clearly served him well as he’s since gone on to cultivate games based off established media properties: Marvel, Avatar, X-Files, and Aliens are just a few of the IPs that Loeb has overseen. 

Before his tenure at Kabam, Loeb cut his teeth on indie development with Planet Moon Studios as its Chief Operating Officer and CEO, making the move to EA shortly after leaving that particular position. At FoxNext now, where the focus is on household names such as The X-Files and Planet of the Apes, it’s all about ensuring that these legacy brands find a home on the new media frontier of games. The global success of The Simpsons: Tapped Out at EA is arguably proof that Loeb not only has experience with these embedded IPs, but that he’s also got plenty of insight on how to turn them into profitable and engaging titles without sacrificing brand longevity or appeal. 

If you have an interest in how Hollywood companies have been branching into the video game industry, and how they’ve been handling the trials and tribulations of adapting recognizable franchises, then you’ll want to make time to catch Loeb’s panel. He’ll be speaking specifically to FoxNext’s success with Marvel Strike Force, which the studio launched within a year of being set up, and will cover everything ranging from talent acquisition to how established IPs like that warrant a specific approach to game design. A Hollywood media company is a very specific ecosystem within the wider industry, and having insight into the challenges and the benefits of working in an environment like that can be very valuable for both experienced and amateur developers wondering about the commerciality of mainstream projects. 

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