GameDaily Connect USA: Disneyland discounts and early bird pricing

Staff, Monday, July 15th, 2019 7:21 pm

Last week, we reintroduced you to who we are and what our event is all about. If you missed out on our reintroduction, you can go and read up about GameDaily Connect USA and about our rebrand from back in May. Today, let’s talk about those sweet Disneyland discounts, how to get at discounted tickets, and purchasing your early bird tickets to GameDaily Connect USA. 

GameDaily Connect USA Early Bird Ticket Pricing: In effect until July 26

We’re happy to provide discounts to GameDaily Connect’s attendees, but the time is fast approaching when regular ticket pricing will be kicking in. Purchase your tickets before July 26 to avoid an increase in pricing for each of the ticket tiers.

Here’s what you can expect from all of our various ticket tiers:

Standard ticket, $500 early bird ($550 regular)

The Standard ticket includes access to all of GameDaily Connect USA’s lecture halls, three parties (our predecessors had a knack for throwing a great soiree and we plan to keep that up for GD Connect), and access to our meeting app, which provides the ability to set an unlimited number of meetings.

Premium ticket, $750 early bird ($825 regular)

The Premium ticket offers everything in Standard, but includes a meeting profile, a featured tag in the meeting system, and lunch.

Last Day ticket, $150 early bird ($200 regular)

Not sure if you want all the content on the first day? Or even the second? This is a good option for you to drop in and soak up the knowledge on our last day of GameDaily Connect USA. You’ll have access to all of our lectures on the last day, but only limited access to our meeting system. And, sadly, no parties. 

Developer ticket, $325 early bird ($360 regular)

Developer tickets are the same as standard tickets, but doesn’t include the showcase table. However, it’s worth noting that if the $325 ticket price is out of reach for you, we do offer a number of scholarships, discounts, and volunteer opportunities to help you out along the way. Please get in touch with us if you want more information about any of those options. 

Developer Showcase ticket, $1500 regular (no discounts available)

Our Developer Showcase tickets include two Standard passes to GameDaily Connect USA (and all of those benefits) in addition to a premium listing with your studio’s logo and a premium spot to set up your showcase table during the event. 

You can get your early bird discount on everything except the Developer Showcase ticket until July 26, which is when prices will be going up. (That’s nine business days away.)

GameDaily Connect USA Disneyland Discounts: You want ’em and we’ve got ’em

Source: Disneyland Hotel
Source: Disneyland Hotel

Part of the appeal of attending a conference at Disneyland is, well, going to Disneyland at night (or for breakfast with Mickey). So, of course, GameDaily Connect USA is offering some sweet discounts for park tickets while you’re in town attending the conference. 

Depending on whether or not you get to the event early (and we do recommend that for Maximum Disneyland Goodness), Disney is offering discounts on partial day passes (so that you can be at the park after 4pm) and full day passes. 

More information on what those discounts look like, how to get them, and when they’re valid can be found on our Disneyland minisite

GameDaily Connect USA will be held in Anaheim, CA at the Disneyland Hotel between August 27-29. Get your early bird tickets here! © 2024 | All Rights Reserved.