GameDaily Connect USA: FTC, Immersive Play, Future Today to present on Kids & Family Track

Ginny Woo, Tuesday, August 20th, 2019 9:40 pm

This year’s GameDaily Connect USA will be playing host to a variety of speakers who are experts in how kids and family are placed within the games industry. With the likes of the FTC, Future Today and other major stakeholders in both regulation and development presenting, you’ll definitely want to set some time aside to attend the panels that we have on.

As a developer who’s creating products for a younger audience, it’s important to be clued into how the younger generation uses apps and related media engagement tools. It’s not just about ensuring that your game is engaging; utilizing the world around you and encouraging physical engagement with digital products is a great strategy that has been used effectively by companies to keep content sticky for kids.

Biba Ventures’ CEO, Matt Toner, will be joined by Marco Carvalho, the founder of Immersive Play, to talk about strategies like the one mentioned above which view the “digital world” and the world that we inhabit as one and the same, and focus on how digital tools can augment the user experiences of young audiences. Biba Ventures’ focus on augmented reality games makes them uniquely poised to helm this discussion, especially as the AR/VR sphere begins to pick up traction in the mainstream industry.

For those who are wondering about how content consumed by kids is regulated or managed by the industry, then the panel by Federal Trade Commission attorney, Jared Ho, will be insightful. Ho will be focusing specifically on apps which have recently caught the attention of the FTC, including Tik Tok, which has gained a degree of notoriety for the high engagement that children have had with it on a rapidly growing number of branching social networks. This panel will focus on parts of American legislation that are due for revision or consideration when it comes to how children and their families are interacting safely with digital media, and it’s a great opportunity to get first-hand knowledge about Children’s Online Privacy Protection cases from a uniquely qualified voice. 

Tickets for GameDaily connect are still on sale. Whether your sphere of interest lies more with retaining younger consumers or you’re just wanting to have your ear to the ground on approaches that put children and their digital safety, our panels will surely be an informative experience. 

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