GameDaily Connect USA: MoPub to present on data analytics and mobile games

Ginny Woo, Thursday, August 22nd, 2019 9:17 pm

MoPub has innovated a full-stack solution to make things accessible for mobile publishers in today’s world. Whether it’s bringing together ad networks or coming up with salient strategies to maximize ad revenue, MoPub has an integrated approach to the essentials of mobile ad marketing. This means that developers who are wanting to shell out on its service receive accurate data and a centralized way to figure out which user acquisition campaigns are most valuable, and they can then use that information to leverage better monetization practices. 

MoPub will be joining Facebook and GSN Games to talk about the best practices for in-app bidding on mobile advertising, the impact that has on factors like average revenue per user, and how publishers can get the most out of transparent bidding processes and reporting. contacted someone from MoPub over email about what makes their platform unique, what insights the company is hoping to impart at GameDaily Connect USA, and what developers should understand about mobile advertising. 

“Mobile app developers need the right data to make smart monetization decisions, whether they’re monetizing with in-app purchases, ads, or both,” MoPub’s spokesperson said. “Granular and accurate impression-level revenue data is key in enabling app developers to understand both the cost to acquire and the revenue generated by each new user. Access to true impression-level revenue data (not averaged data at the user level) is a game-changer: it allows developers to understand the value of each user, understand which user acquisition campaigns are working, and customize ads monetization strategies for specific users.”

It can be difficult to prioritize spending and to ensure that you’ve got all of the necessary demand sources sorted out as a mobile publisher. But the team at MoPub believes that the -company’s one-stop shop of direct sold, ad networks, and demand-side platforms being synergized into one product to be sold to the highest bidder is the way forward. 

“Our Advanced Bidding solution takes this to the next level by allowing networks to bid in real-time, which is proven to increase ARPDAU (average revenue per daily active user) and fill for our publishers,” mentioned MoPub’s spokesperson. “We pride ourselves on the openness and transparency of our platform: no demand source is left behind or unfairly advantaged. Publishers can trust that the highest bid always wins (free from in-house bias), and we offer detailed reporting to back this up.

“In-app bidding, or “header bidding” for the mobile app world, has been a hot topic for some time; now, it’s becoming reality and publishers are seeing major positive impact, including increased ARPDAU. If you monetize using in-app ads, it’s time to explore bidding solutions, like MoPub’s Advanced Bidding. Advanced Bidding increases auction efficiency, reduces latency, drives up yield, and monetizes all impressions — and saves you time by improving operational efficiency. It’s time to get on board.”

As one of our platinum sponsors, MoPub has found that GameDaily Connect “consistently attracts a high quality audience of both leading and up-and-coming mobile app developers,” and its team looks forward to the “productive conversations and new connections formed at these events.”

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