GameDaily Connect USA: Skydance’s Guy Costantini to present on intersection of games & entertainment

Ginny Woo, Thursday, August 15th, 2019 4:34 pm

Guy Costantini is an industry veteran. He’s held down a range of positions in the games industry, with a lot of them focused on involvement with some of the most highly-awarded and anticipated titles of all time: Cyberpunk 2077, The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt, League of Legends, and Marvel: Contest of Champions. With experience in pressure-cooker environments like Riot Games and CD Projekt Red, Costantini has had quite the highlight reel of career projects, and all of these make him an invaluable speaker when it comes to imparting knowledge about the state of the market. 

Costantini’s current position as VP at Skydance seeks to fill a different space in the industry compared to his previous work; Skydance focuses on publishing and innovating virtual reality games. With VR arguably being an up-and-coming industry that requires a whole new approach to everything from designing a title to customer retention, Costantini’s wealth of experience makes him well-positioned to lead such an effort on the marketing front. 

Whether you’re curious about the state of VR, or about how emerging technologies like that can intersect in the industry with other established media, you’ll want to catch the Hollywood and Games panel that Costantini will be speaking on. With the likes of Barry Dorf from the Business Development side of Amazon also in attendance, Costantini will be speaking to how new technologies such as streaming and enhanced multiplayer gaming are affected by phenomena in film and television, and how publishers and developers can make the most out of both fields by being literate in the synergy between the two types of media. 

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