Greenlit Content: Don’t Let Coronavirus Upend Your Business

Greenlit Content Staff, Monday, March 9th, 2020 7:19 pm

The recent Coronavirus outbreak impacts both our personal and professional lives. On the local level, it means taking the steps necessary to protect our families, while in business, some of the year’s biggest events have been cancelled (SXSW) or postponed (Emerald City Comic Con), leaving hundreds of companies wondering where they go from here. Despite mixed messages about not only the virus, but containment, it’s impossible to predict the 2020 schedule.

Family comes first, but Greenlit Content (parent company to GameDaily) also realizes that you still have business to conduct, which is why we’re here to provide solutions. 

Despite the SXSW cancellation, we’ll be in Austin at a soon to be revealed location to kick off the highly anticipated Shack Smash Tournament Series, a livestreamed international Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament hosted by one of gaming’s longest-running and respected websites, Shacknews. In fact, not only are sponsorship opportunities still available for the tournament, but we can also work with you to create a unique and memorable offsite event in Austin that will elevate your product(s) and brand.

From there, Greenlit will bring its Esports Lounge to WonderCon in April, Florida Supercon and MomoCon in May, and of course, E3 in June and San Diego Comic Con in July. In the event that these events are impacted, we will quickly pivot by providing alternate solutions for our clients.

This is in addition to the variety of services that form the backbone of our business. If you don’t plan to attend an event, we’ll work with you to offer sponsored editorial, videos (trailers, sizzle reels, in-depth features), livestreaming, and website development. Regardless of how we work together, the goal is the same: to make sure that your message is seen by those who matter most. 

Like many people, we take this Coronavirus threat seriously, but we’re ready to adapt to the changing business landscape. With that in mind, work with us to keep your 2020/2021 plans on track.

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