Indie Prize GameDaily Connect Asia 2019: The Winners

Joel Couture, Tuesday, November 12th, 2019 3:30 pm

GameDaily Connect Asia 2019 is coming to a close, and it’s time to finally announce the winners of the Indie Prize competition. Many, many talented developers brought impressive games to the competition, but there can only be one winner in each category. 

All of the developers who’ve been involved in the competition (you can find out more about them in Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5 of our spotlight on finalists in Asia, as well as the one on finalists around the rest of the globe) are deserving of attention, though, so be sure to look into their works as we celebrate the best among these talented creators.

Best Game Audio

Bright Bird (Six Plant)

SkyEscape (MegaTouch Games)

Rhythm Fighter (echo games)

[WINNER] Unheard (NEXT Studios)

Best Game Design

League of Wannabes (Multiverse)

Eastern Exorcist (wildfiregame)

Unheard (NEXT Studios)

[WINNER] Biped (NExT Studios)

Best Game Art

Submersion (212 studio)

Children of Silentown (Elf Games)

Eastern Exorcist (wildfiregame)

[WINNER] Bright Bird (Six Plant)

Best Game Narrative

Life Gallery (IdleDream Games)

The Sibyl And Sixpence (Chilejiushui Studio)

Unheard (NEXT Studios)

[WINNER] LoveChoice (AkabaStudio)

Best Multiplayer Game

Earth From Another Sun (Multiverse)

A Di Si Qi Yue (FLA Game Studio)

Biped (NExT Studios)

[WINNER] Super Buckyball Tournament (Pathea Games)

Best Kids and Family Game

Too Many Cooks! (FINIFUGU && friends)

Super Buckyball Tournament (Pathea Games)

Biped (NExT Studios)

[WINNER] Life Gallery (IdleDream Games)

Best Mobile Game

Survivor:the Z city (Yoda Games)

League of Wannabes (Multiverse)

Life Gallery (IdleDream Games)

[WINNER] Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery (Kiary Games) — Nominated by GTP Indie Cup Summer’19

Most Innovative Game

Survivor:the Z city (Yoda Games)

Unheard (NEXT Studios)

Life Gallery (IdleDream Games)

[WINNER] In The Shadows (PlayBae)

Best in Show: Audience Choice and iDreamSky’s China Choice Award

Rounding out Indie Prize, we have two separate awards, the Audience Choice (as voted on by Connect attendees) and a special selection by GameDaily Connect Asia partner iDreamSky. Both of these awards went to Screaming Chicken by Jericho Games

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