Mythical’s Web3 NFT racer goes live

Colin Campbell, Monday, October 9th, 2023 9:02 am

Mythical Games’ NFT-based mobile racing game Nitro Nation World Tour (NNWT) is out now on Android and iOS. Developed in partnership with Nitro Nation creator CM Games, NNWT allows players to tour, race, and collect digital vehicles from automakers like Aston Martin, Jaguar, Pagani, and McLaren Automotive, which serves as the game’s season one focus.

Nitro Nation World Tour includes digital collectibles in the form of cars and workshops that players can purchase, hold, or trade. Workshops allow players to maintain or improve the cars’ performance through upgrades, repairs, and customizations. Players can also loan out the cars they own or rent other players’ vehicles to experience a different make or model.

While NFT usage in games is still unproven at scale, major brands continue to invest. A new report from 360 Market Updates projects that the global play-to-earn NFT Games market size was valued at $3.3 billion in 2022 rising to $9 billion in 2028, representing 18 percent annual growth. The report points out continued activity in the NFT space from the likes of Roblox, Take-Two, and Electronic Arts Inc.

The report states: “In the past few years, a new game mode has gradually emerged in the blockchain ecosystem, that is, play to earn. This new game type uses crypto-assets and NFTs to secure ownership of in-game currency and items for players. And NFT directly connects the digital economy outside the game and realizes value in the real world.

“At the same time, with the rise of the metaverse concept and the increase in player demand, major game development companies are also gradually deploying the play-to-earn NFT games field … the market size of play-to-earn NFT games will continue to expand during the forecast period. Another report recently highlighted the global collapse in NFT values, but added that gaming NFTs have utility.

Mutual racing

Nitro Nation World Tour also includes social networking features that allow players to join or create their own clubs and guilds “for like-minded players to work together towards mutual racing goals and provide team support”.

Built on the Mythos blockchain gaming ecosystem, NNWT makes use of Mythical’s native governance token for in-game currencies that the company says “aims to democratize games and allow players and creators to participate in game value chains through the benefit of Web3”.

Game modes include PvP races as well as tournaments, challenges & trials, as well as a full story campaign mode that encourages players to expand their fleet of cars, as well as tuning up in those workshops that offer strategic advantages for players who know how to take advantage of specific tracks.

Mythical has also announced a partnership with electronic musician and noted petrol-head deadmau5 (aka Joel Zimmerman), who will promote the game during his current tour, which kicked off in Tokyo this week. The musician is also featured prominently in NNWT’s first season, in which players can try to earn a deadmau5-themed in-game car.

“I’ve always loved living on the cutting edge of technology, and I’m proud to be a partner and launch the game during my upcoming Day of the deadmau5 shows,” said deadmau5. “I’ve said before that music is 80 percent fun and 20 percent work. Video games, for me, are all about fun. I hope you’ll enjoy playing the game as much as I have.”

Jamie Jackson, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Mythical Games commented: “It’s been exciting to work with great partners such as CM Games, McLaren Automotive, and deadmau5 to help us launch Nitro Nation World Tour. We’re really looking forward to seeing how the community rallies around the game, and it will be fun to see how collectors are going to trick out their rides to either sell or race against their competitors.”

Sandbox moves

In other Web3 gaming news, Animoca Brands’ The Sandbox, announced a partnership with Agora to provide voice, video, and chat services to the metaverse-creative game. The company says it hopes the move will encourage better collaboration among creators, and augment social multiplayer experiences. Agora’s product suite incorporates 3D Spatial Audio, persistent text chat, and interactive live-streaming functionalities.

“The Sandbox is at heart a social platform, and through this partnership with Agora, we can further enhance our players’ ability to connect, collaborate, communicate, and form meaningful communities,” said The Sandbox COO Sebastien Borget. “This is an exciting level-up of the social potential for communities on The Sandbox platform that will immediately be apparent to both players and creators, compared to other platforms.”

“Real-time engagement technology is essential for enabling social interactions in the metaverse,” said Agora CEO Tony Zhao. “We’re excited to see how The Sandbox continues to innovate with Agora’s products to build deeper connections within communities.

Recently, Seoul-based metaverse developer held a beta for its upcoming game Mellow, in which players experience life in a Martian colony. They are able to customize property and avatars, use various vehicles for exploration or transport, engage with other players through social animations and creative projects.

According to the company, the game “aims to encapsulate a sense of tranquility and leisurely pace within their metaverse, creating an environment that offers relaxation and comfort to all users — a virtual world that’s ‘Better than Earth’, as per their newly introduced slogan. “Within this serene setting, players can explore an urban colony on the red planet and engage in a wide array of activities. Whether it’s becoming building owners, playing sports with friends or simply enjoying hobbies around a campfire.”

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