GameDaily Connect USA: Facebook Gaming to present on user acquisition, monetization, indie dev

Ginny Woo, Friday, August 9th, 2019 9:31 pm

Facebook Gaming connects publishers, developers, and content creators with solutions that ensure longevity in the gaming ecosystem. Those with an interest in best practices in the Growth field, as well as an interest in the retention and attraction of consumers in the mobile gaming industry, will want to make sure that they catch the panels headed up by a number of Facebook Gaming’s keen Managers. 

Facebook will be joining GameDaily Connect to talk about mobile app bidding, user acquisition (UA) and AI, and the business of building a robust indie studio. We spoke with a spokesperson at Facebook Gaming over email about some of the challenges in UA, what to do with minimal marketing budgets, and what Facebook is hoping to teach us at GameDaily Connect USA this year. 

“User acquisition is a vital part of your marketing strategy,” Facebook’s spokesperson said. “Whether you’re looking to boost volume to get to the top of the charts, increase your user base, or acquire high-value users to engage with your game’s store purchases, performance marketing will help you better assess your game’s goals and how to best attain them. It’s important to invest in user acquisition throughout the lifecycle of your game. Acquiring different subsets of users allows you to learn from and understand what works best and how to adapt your game to your ideal market.”

User acquisition is tricky and, depending on your game’s genre, expensive. But Facebook Gaming’s spokesperson believes that ad monetization is a good way to improve player retention… if you manage to strike that balance between profitable and positive.

“When it comes to ad monetization for indie developers, you should know that you can incorporate ads without negatively impacting player experience or retention,” Facebook’s spokesperson continued. “We believe that engaging, relevant ads (using formats like rewarded video and playables) can actually improve player retention – and in a recently commissioned survey, nearly two-thirds of mobile developers agreed. The same research uncovered that 86% of developers who incorporated ads along with IAP in their games saw purchasing levels unaffected — or even climb — as a result. 

One of the most challenging things about being an indie studio is figuring out where that money is going to go once you’re making it. Do you re-invest in the game? What about marketing? 

“It’s important to re-invest earnings back into the game itself. It’s the best way to ensure consistency and growth, without plateauing your scalability. Marketing your app ensures that the game remains relevant and top-of-mind for not only new users, but existing as well. 

“Ad monetization can be a great way for developers to start with a small budget and quickly grow from there. Indie studio Gogii Games implemented ad-based monetization through Facebook Audience Network and, within a month, the studio doubled its ad revenue. Not only did the studio increase ARPDAU by 96%, but players spent 10% more time in game because they enjoyed the in-game currency they could earn through rewarded video ads.”

During Facebook Gaming’s three panels at GameDaily Connect, each of the speakers will be bringing something to the table about UA, IAP, and indie game development. But what they all want you to know is that every developer needs to take advantage of the advances in mobile monetization. 

“Monetization solutions have advanced to a point where developers are leaving money on the table if they don’t take advantage of them,” Facebook Gaming’s spokesperson told us. “Developers who invest time custom-building monetization strategies specifically for their app environment see generous returns. 

“Developers will come away [from our panels] understanding which monetization models deliver the best ROI, how to optimize monetization gameplay, and how developers should customize their monetization approach based on gaming segments and genres. Formats like rewarded video and playables are proven to drive growth, so we want to arm developers with the best practices and tools they need to implement and optimize these formats.”

Facebook Gaming is one of GameDaily Connect’s platinum sponsors, which means that they’re one of our biggest supporters for the event this year in Disneyland.

“Facebook is a proud sponsor of this year’s GameDaily Connect [USA]. As its title suggests, this industry event enables Facebook’s gaming leaders to connect in person with users, developers, and creators. In doing so, Facebook is able to develop a deeper understanding of how we can best support the rapid growth and development of this exciting space.”

Want to know more about the other sponsors who are supporting GameDaily Connect and contributing to our line-up of panels? We have a list of speakers that we’ll be updating as the event draws closer.

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