Mixer rolls out new Streamer Review, Xbox Game Pass programs

Sam Desatoff, Thursday, August 29th, 2019 10:37 pm

The last couple of months have been a rollercoaster for Mixer, Microsoft’s streaming platform. Between snagging Ninja in an exclusivity deal and heading off backlash against its clothing guidelines, the burgeoning service has had its share of ups and downs. All businesses experience growing pains, though, and the two-year-old Mixer seems determined to bring a fight to perennial streaming champ Twitch. To that end, Mixer has announced the rollout of a handful of new initiatives aimed at promoting creators and reducing toxic behavior. 

Last month via a blog post, Mixer affirmed its commitment to digital safety and protecting its community from a toxic environment. As part of that strategy, it has announced the Streamer Review system, a validation checklist that all new streamers must adhere to beginning on September 4th. 

“The goal of Streamer Review is to improve validation and monitoring of new streamers on Mixer,” the post reads. “Streamers will need to login with their Microsoft account to enable additional screening of new streaming accounts. There will also be a 24-hour waiting period before a streamer can start their first camera-capable stream.”

The hope is that Mixer will be able to vet its new streamers more thoroughly than other platforms. The blog post notes that partnered and verified streamers are exempt from the system.

Mixer is also introducing a suite of chat moderation tools aimed at giving its streamers more control over their channel’s community. Streamers can set restriction levels to their liking, and anyone who violates these criteria will be muted. As part of this rollout, Mixer has also discontinued the Mixer Create app, referring streamers instead to third-party mobile streaming solution Streamlabs. 

“At Mixer, we love to encourage interaction between our streamers and viewers,” the post says. “With this feature, we’re providing more choice on who can interact with your channel.” 

Chat restrictions and Streamer Review are not the only new features coming soon to Mixer. Earlier this week, it announced a “support a creator” program that rewards streamers for referring viewers another Microsoft venture: Xbox Game Pass. The deal is that Mixer partners will receive $3 in compensation for new Game Pass users that credit the channel with a referral using a unique code. 

“We consistently hear from gamers that streamers’ content helps motivate them to discover their next favorite game, whether it’s the latest AAA release, a puzzling indie platformer or even a must-play classic,” reads the announcement. “At Mixer, we support rewarding creators for the recommendations they make, as well as their gameplay.”

Mixer will reward users who sign up for a new ultimate-tier Game Pass membership through this initiative by offering the first two months for $2.

All of Mixer’s recent projects are a part of what has been dubbed “season 2” of the service, which represents a doubling down on acquiring new users. Twitch continues to dominate the streaming landscape in terms of hours watched, but Mixer has gradually been increasing its audience over the last year. It will be interesting to see how the platform’s new policies affect its viewership moving forward, and if they can make Mixer a more competitive streaming solution.

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