unveils its first four games across wide assortment of genres, cultures

Ana Valens, Wednesday, March 6th, 2019 9:50 pm

Indie games publisher unveiled its first four games on Monday, highlighting upcoming games from Denmark to India, according to a press release obtained by The company offers both extensive support for independent developers as well as sizable investments for “interactive entertainment projects and companies.”

Among the first four games slated to launch with, the company announced it will be publishing Brazilian single-player sci-fi action RPG Retro Machina, Indian action-adventure title Raji: An Ancient Epic, Danish WWII RTS Broken Lines, andMetaphora: The Moonycat Quest, a French adventure game. Orbit Studios, Nodding Head Games, PortaPlay, and MOONYCAT Entertainment are the four studios behind each game, respectively. Interestingly enough, each game features vastly different aesthetics and gameplay approaches, suggesting the publishing label is comfortable working with teams that specialize in various genres and styles across different cultures.

As a publisher,’s website advertises access to “over 17 million viewers” via Twitch and YouTube influencers, public relations experience gaining “more than 11 million readers” through the press, marketing expertise, and localization for “up to 30 languages” in order to help games reach new markets. The company also promises support for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile ports, meaning games have the potential to reach a wide range of systems when developers do business with the company. While’s first four games are relatively unknown indie titles as of yet, that may change as the company’s publishing process pushes its titles into the spotlight.

Alongside’s work as a games publisher, the company also has a $50 million fund available to help various game developers finish their projects. From $300,000 for new teams to to $1 million worth in financial support for major projects led by veteran studios, the fund promises “total creative freedom” to developers and can even help companies choose a jurisdiction for their companies and file legal paperwork to officially set up a company. also provides an Unreal Engine 4 custom license to developers, along with relevant support working with the engine from the company.

“ is eager to collaborate with video game projects tailored for any platform. It can work with new studios as a seed investor with enormous experience and expertise in the games industry and function as a venture capital fund for companies with a mature business strategy,” wrote in its press release. “The company was established by video game industry veterans, so it can also offer high-quality, time-tested support in a number of different areas, including production, legal support, licensing, and the financial hurdles that can accompany a game’s international distribution and promotion”’s four upcoming games come during a turbulent time for the indie games community. GOG reportedly laid off a dozen employees in February due to financial difficulties, and Night in the Woods’ developers recently announced The Glory Society, a “worker-owned and operated cooperative” for developing indie games. As ongoing layoffs continue to hit the industry, it remains unclear if new indie developers trust traditional developer-publisher models for launching their games.

At the very least, is a sign that there’s still some hope in traditional publishing structures and capital investment for indie games, even amid ongoing calls for unionization across the games industry. © 2024 | All Rights Reserved.