‘The Buzz’ about Xbox and Nintendo’s ‘ambitious crossover’ and Sony’s ‘Fortnite’ bundle

Amanda Farough, Friday, June 22nd, 2018 9:17 pm

The Buzz is a weekly roundup of what the industry is saying on social media about the various goings-on.

The biggest piece of news this week was the “ambitious crossover event” that Xbox and Nintendo pulled off for the launch of the “Better Together” update for Minecraft. The “Better Together” update allows players on Windows, mobile devices, Xbox, and Switch to play in the same Minecraft server together. 

The media weighed in about what the implications of this collapse of the “console wars” between Xbox and Nintendo 

Twitter wasn’t feeling particular generous towards Sony, especially after the ongoing Fortnite debacle.

But this new Fortnite bundle should make up for the fact that there’s no cross-play, though, right? Maybe? 

Nah, not really.

It’s not as though Minecraft is the first game to say “hey, let’s hang out and play nicely with other platforms,” but it is certainly one of the most prominent, right behind the cultural phenomenon of Fortnite. In actuality, it likely will do nothing to move the needle on Sony’s “give a damn” meter, because they hold the biggest piece of the console marketplace. They can afford to shrug their shoulders and not do much to change things. But if we’re truly heading towards a cloud-based gaming world in the future, we’ve likely only got one more console lifecycle ahead of us. Sony may not want to play nicely with others (and nor do they have to), but even their incredible exclusives can’t insulate them forever. 

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