The Buzz: ArenaNet fires two writers over Twitter discourse

Amanda Farough, Friday, July 6th, 2018 8:46 pm

The Buzz is a weekly roundup of what folks are saying about important issues in the game industry. This week, we’ve rounded up reactions to ArenaNet, the studio behind Guild Wars 2, firing two writers after an incident on Twitter. We’ve also rounded up what the industry is saying about the WHO’s “gaming disorder” classification as the discourse heats up. 

ArenaNet fires Guild Wars 2 writers, Jessica Price and Peter Fries, over Twitter thread

It’s really difficult to be a creator in the age of social media, even more so to be a visible minority or a person that belongs to a marginalized group, including women. Game developers are often scrutinized over their social media or have community members expect them to provide customer support, even though that’s not their role. In a Twitter thread from earlier this week, writer and narrative designer, Jessica Price, took to Twitter to talk about the challenges of defining a player character in a game like Guild Wars 2 versus a protagonist in a single-player game. A streamer and partnered Guild Wars 2 content creator offered feedback. Price was understandably frustrated, as she’s been vocal about fans coming into her space to tell her how to do her job, and clapped back at the streamer. 

Then, things fell apart. 

ArenaNet fired Price and her colleague, Peter Fries (who had stepped into the Twitter ring in Price’s defense), over the thread. For further info, Kotaku’s Nathan Grayson has an in-depth report, including a statement from Price herself. 

Twitter was, for the most part, horrified at ArenaNet’s decision. 

The industry continues the discussion and discourse around the WHO’s “gaming disorder” classification. 

We’ve written about it a couple of times here at GameDaily, but in case you’ve missed out on the initial discussion: the World Health Organization has included “gaming disorder” in the draft for its 11th International Classification of Diseases. And there have definitely been some issues with the science behind why it’s been classified as an “addiction.” SuperParent has rounded up some of the most interesting mainstream media editorials, as well. 

But, of course, we wanted to round-up what the rest of the industry is saying about gaming addiction.

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